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Choosing the perfect piece for your home can be difficult, however when you see that beautiful vase or eye catching cushion that excites you, these are the items you need to surround yourself with.

You are better off purchasing the stunning item that will end up being the hero piece in your room rather than smaller, insignificant items and then trying to create a look which will never satisfy you.

Buy quality items that are going to hold their value forever, some even getting better with age. These are the pieces that become family heirlooms hold sentimental value and bring you joy every day.

If you find yourself stuck wondering what your style is or you are just following the current trend, it's so important that you follow your own style - a home needs to be a part of you, so do not look at trends that come and go just like fast fashion. Open your wardrobe and look at your clothes and what colours you wear. These are the colours that you feel comfortable in and suit you, so surround yourself in these throughout your home.

Mix up textures, hard surfaces, shiny, matt, slubby and smooth and all these materials together will create a calming atmosphere in your home. Don't get stuck on one surface, each item needs its own space to breathe and don't forget to be you and be brave.

Your home can be whatever you want to make it.

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$70 Zoom Special

Speaking with our wonderful interior decorator Eliza, you will receive advice on how to design one room or area in your house. The advice can be based around how to style items that you already have or Eliza will help you decide on what items are needed to truly perfect your space.

The consultation will be for one hour and via Zoom, Eliza will need to be able to see which room or area you are wanting to beautify.

Prior to the consultation, please make sure you have prepared your sources of inspiration to show Eliza. This can be images from Pinterest, design books and magazines, pieces of fabric, or even clothing! Having these examples will really help to ensure Eliza tailors your design specifically to you.

If you’d like to email any images in advance you can do so to eliza@riveresque.com.au.

Once the Zoom call is complete, Eliza will put together a page specifically for your design needs, showing details on how to beautifully style your space. Should you love any pieces that are featured we will be more than happy to arrange for a drop delivery of either the furniture or objects of your desire! (*subject to availability )

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For more information on this wonderful offer and to get started on beautifying your home simply give us a call or drop us an email at info@riveresque.com.au


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